For over 15 years, Sascha and Ingo Maas have combined their different artistic techniques in jointly created pictorial works, sculptures and editions. In doing so, the artist couple devotes itself repeatedly to specific themes and subjects that form individual groups of works. Their current works are inspired by the unspoiled originality of nature.


Sascha Maas, born in Munich in 1958, created fabric designs for international interior decoration labels as a textile designer. Her artistic mode of working is characterized by using different hatching and spatula techniques: applied layer by layer, lending a special patina to the images.

Ingo Maas, born in Bonn in 1961, owner of an advertising agency and a publishing company in Bad Honnef. In his drawings, he works with the finest lines and hatching; his brilliant technique and his subtle pencil strokes accomplish a particularly realistic appearance that gives the motifs their very own character.

Reworking and supplementing the motifs in successive as well as in parallel manner, the artists change them in constant dialogue until they eventually regard the work as finished.


Early Works

You can find works from 2000 to 2010 under